I am personally challenging myself to embark on more adventures that make me happy! In addition to fitness - I want to start taking more pictures everyday and today I captured "my happy place".

You guys have all been shining rock stars that bring so much joy and motivation into my life! Monday, Wednesday & Saturday are really the best days of my week being surrounded by such powerful and motivated amazing people. Thank you ALL for all of the positive energy and power you emit. It really has changed my life and I could not thank any of you enough!

And thank you for letting me take a picture of y'all. 


I'm so thankful for you Mels.  Way back to the first contest we all did together!  Without you I wouldn't have learned how to find myself again.  I wouldn't have learned how to be proud of myself and how to push myself in the best way.  You're one of my most favorite people, because you're you, you're unique, hilarious, fun, inspiring and REAL.  You've taught me so much and i'm so thankful.


At first, I was very nervous to join the class, but I am sooo glad I DID!!  Everyone is so positive and encouraging!  Thank you!  Melanie Smith thank you for continuing to push me to be better! Love you girl


RMF Fitness & CrossFit

  • This place is so great! Motivating, encouraging, and offers a variety of classes you can't find anywhere else. Also offers childcare. Great instructors who modify to your fitness needs! Can't say enough
  • This gym/facility is incredible! First of all the owners only want you to succeed and motivate you every day you walk through the door to door your best! The gym itself is awesome! Tons of plates, bars racks, rowers and so on! Unlike normal crossfire gyms they offer SO much more, with an entire room full of dumbells and treadmills, cable machine there is no shoartage of equipment to use! The yoga studio is gorgeous! RMF offers so much more then just you typical gym and that is what sets them apart from the rest and sets the bar so much higher for any other gym out there!    The staff is so friendly and motivating, helpful in so many ways, my son loves going to the kids area to play with Stacey and most days doesn't want to leave... the great folks who work there prove they want to be more then just staff, they want to include you as family!

Google Review

You can't get better, more compassionate, motivational or caring trainers. Holly and Mel are there for you every step of the way! The workouts are brutal, but you feel empowered and strong at the end of it. If your looking to change your life and to meet lifelong friends(that become more like family) then you must try out 56Fitt! You'll never regret it and you'll never look back! Love you girls!

Cycle/Weights Class

Sooo a first for me today... SPIN CLASS... that shit was so hard! My whole body hurt from start to end haha I wanted to give up and walkout so many times! But I am so proud of myself for sticking it out!! It's preatyy amazing what your body will@do@for you if you give it the chance! In the past week alone I have pushed myself to new limits and it's really exciting! Thanks for the motivation *****, love you girl! @melanies01 your killer jams and smile at the front of the room kept me going! Also spin class was followed by a weights class... feel the burn baby

Bottom Line...

Q-  Why do you do 56Fitt?

A-   I can't quit you!

RMF Fitness & CrossFit

This is the most fantastic gym ever!!! I always look forward to coming to RMF because they are so welcoming and encouraging! The trainers are super friendly and motivating, the environment is beautiful, and the class schedule is so versatile!! There is so much positive energy, right when you walk through the door. It keeps me excited to come back!! I am so grateful to have RBF in my life!!!